Today we begun Unit 7, which was exciting at the same time as nerve-wracking.  I was anxious to get this piece of work right, which obviously begun with the proposal and selecting a relevant and workable theme. I therefore narrowed down my chosen areas into two themes. The themes which I had chosen where areas which interested me and therefore I felt that they would be appropriate in a broad sense, because I would remain enthralled and fascinated by the subjects I was looking into throughout the course of the Unit. 


Today I presented my initial two ideas to a group in the class, as well as the tutors, in order to refine our ideas and therefore learn more about how to write our project proposal for the first draft. I wanted to present the ideas of nostalgia and sentimentality, because I was interested in memories and how past defines us and our future. The initial response form the group was good and positive, however, I realised after speaking to the tutors how broad this topic could be, as it ranged from houding relentlessly, to making one persons rubbish valuable, to being so nostalgic and repetitive, it harked on areas such as PTSD and OCD. I therefore realised this initial title was far to broad and this would therefore be increasingly difficult as I thought of the research which I would undertake and then have to refine. I therefore decided to re think my theme title. 


This weekend I have attempted to clarify my ideas about what I want my project to be about and how I would like to take it forward. To do this I did some initial research into the theme which I had decided on. This was very helpful as it helped me to clarify my aims for the project and what I wanted to achieve through my research, and in this I was therefore able to clarify areas which I was interested in pursuing. I have therefore understood what I want to achieve through undertaking this project, and not only this, but also how I want my final outcome to communicate to people and the message I would like to get across. I have realised in this initial research and writing my brief what is important to me about this project and I have begun to feel passionate about it. I therefore am now much more excited to undertake the research and devise an action plan which will allow me to monitor my progress. 

Tomorrow I want to start researching, and therefore this will mean that I need to get my head around referencing and how to structure it, as well as clarifying what I need to research and at what stages this will be necessary. I shall use the books in the library to do this initially because I feel that these will provide more of a broad way of researching besides merely using the internet. 


I continued with online research today, and went into the library in order to use some books on the chosen theme which I was looking at. I wanted to focus on artists who where influential or who where influenced by the war or remembrance. I was quickly taken off on a tangent because I began looking into and researching Monuments and Memorials which where relevant to the First World War, Second World War and also current affairs. This was really interesting for me because it showed a creative way in which we where able to honour the dead, and that along with the information I had already collected regarding how people remember the sacrifices which where made in battles and conflict. I thought that this was interesting too because it did make me think to myself about all the people who were not remembered or recognised, and who's names may have been lost

I have decided that I need to know more about the backgrounds of the battles and conflicts which I am looking into, as well as how these times where like for the people living in them. I therefor plan to got to the Imperial War Museum tomorrow as part of my continued research. 


Today I looked at the theme in terms of art, researching artists who had been inspired by the war, or remembrance. I realised that I was much more interested in people who created pieces which were more personal, such as personal tributes, compared to wholistic war scenes. I felt like I was grateful to the individual who was depicted, as well as feeling a sense of loss and missing when I looked at the piece. 

I found this interesting however, because I learnt that many artists have drawn inspiration from the war as a sign of gratitude and remembrance, but it also showed me how lots of artists tried to show the idea of devastation and destruction  in their work, almost to educate people about how the war should never happen again, and so many lives would not have been lost. I also think that some images of the battle scenes where incredibly powerful because you can see the pain and suffering which occurred,  and it makes the viewer ask what was it all for.  I think that in my own piece I want to help people connect with this and feel the responsibility to remember these individuals who gave up their lives. 

I also looked at some video footage today about my theme and relevant to my ideas. I thought that this was fascinating, because I was really interested in what footage was the most harrowing and the most powerful. I found that some personal testimonials where the most difficult to watch, because you can imagine a grief of the family, however, also watching the soldiers remembering and paying tribute to one another was admirable to watch. 


I was pleased with my research today, as o was able to find out a lot more about what PTSD is, also known as shell shock, and the consequential symptoms of this disorder. It also helped me to understand and clarify my own views on the whole discussion on whether those who suffer ptsd where caused to commit the offence of desertion. I personally think that these me where I'll and had been pushed to their breaking points with the war. I am therefor sad that they where shamed and not recognised. I want to know more about the shaming of these individuals at the time, what the families went through and why only one was actually executed. I would also like to find some individual stories on this topic too

Tomorrow I am also keen to start more work in my sketchbook, and begin looking into more individuals and personal accounts of the time. I think that this will really help further my research for I will be able to explore more ideas and the personal accounts I think are vital because they make the stories more poignant and touching for me, which I think is an effective way of connecting people with the soldiers which I am referencing. 


I was able to do some more research in my sketchbook today, looking at the iconic symbol of the poppy, and thinking of it in a more abstracted way.I tried to think of ways in which I could distort the shape of the poppy, simplifying it to rectangle or a series of circles, as well as thinking more about the colour of the poppy and the symbolism of this in terms of war. I found that the red is quite a provocative colour, becuase the more I used it, the more my drawings and sketches appeared bold and yet at the same time they showed the dark connotations of blood and pain. This was an interesting lesson for me to look at because it has made me be more conscious of my colour scheme which I intend to continue with and think about more. 

In my research today I also looked into some more stories and accounts of certain individuals who where shot for desertion- reading their personal stories. What I found painfully sad was how young these people often were- mainly early and mid 20s, with some underage lads too. It brought home the pain that these mens families muse have felt due to the sheer pressure to fight, but also the pain of losing a relative at the hands of the country they where fighting for. The paradox is extremely interesting, and I intend to use these personal accounts for my work tomorrow



Today was really useful in helping for me to develop my concept further, but also get other peoples initial views and perspectives on the topic, as well as what they would suggest to broaden my research. I was advised to look at various films on the topic, such as Private Peaceful, and Saving Private Ryan, as well as certain designers for example Edward Bourdan Paul Nash, who I plan to go and see in the Tate Britain on Wednesday. Upon this advice, I also was able to research artists such as Anselm Kiefer who did portraits of the effects of war such as the people in the tube stations during air raids. This, although not directly relevant made me think more about the colour scheme which I am interested in and that I think would be appealing for the topic, as he used very grey and dark colours to explore his ethos. His message and philosophy is also really interesting and relevant to my own work because he confronts his countries mistakes of the past, and I want to do the same thing in my own piece, because obviously killing people with shell shock for cowardice was indeed a mistake and therefore I think that this is interesting to portray in a piece. 

The group, like me where interested in suffers of Shell shock or PTSD, and encouraged me to look more into the illness itself and the trauma that this caused. I also want to look at the shame of it. To do this, today I watched a documentary on the Shell Shock in WW1 which was incredibly informative and interesting as I was able to find out about its discovery, treatments, as well as the huge number of soldiers who suffered from the illness. I found this incredibly interesting, and I realise now that this is what I want to specialise and focus in  on my piece. 

Another thing which was incredibly useful today and which has altered my project a large amount was that my tutor expressed initial worries about hero worship when just reading the title of the piece. As I explained the concept and my specific area of interest, the worries became redundant, however, we established that the title was misleading to the content I want to look at will be and therefore I have decided to re work the title, and change it to "SHOT AT DAWN" which I feel is directly explanatory of what I want to look into, however, also every engaging to an audience.

Body Modifications

Tradition - Contemporary

Monochrome - Colour

Plain - Pattern

Text box


I wanted the show the fragmentation of personality and the alterations that Shell shock makes to the mind, making it so fragile and temporary. I also think that this shows an artistic version of a blindfold when placed on the body around the eye. I think that this frame work is very effective and is something that I wish to pursue further in my work and consequent designs

Model 3 representing Pride and Shame

02/03/17 Development of 'Personality' Model - Making stages

Tutorial with Helmet (2nd)

In my tutorial with Helmet, we discussed the project as it stands at the moment, with my specific interests in research as well as predominantly focusing on the Project proposal. My tutor was interest in the idea and concept which I had explained in the proposal, however we both agreed that the explanation of it should be more clear in the project proposal with a focus on the topic of desertion and a clearer interest in the dishonour, the relation to PTSD and Shell shock and also I should mention that I am researching world war 1 specifically. 

We also discussed that the first WW was a completely different type of warfare than what had previously been used, with very little one on one combat, however a constant fear and bombardment with the introduction of gas and new guns, however you would not see the enemy. In this discussion I recognised that this was why Shell Shock suddenly became much more prominent within the army. In my research I know that the Battle of the Somme was a huge factor in the presentation of the illness because of the futile and mismanaged conduct. Helmet made some suggestions for further research on this, such as watching films and documentaries on the subject as well as looking at the WW1 in a more broad sense because of its relevance in history and changing the nature of war completely. 

Week 24 Day Plan



Today was really helpful in the development of my project onto the body. It helped me to visualise my designs and transfer them onto various areas of the body, which has furthered my project because now I am able to think about how the designs relate conceptually to what I am making. I was also able to think more about where is best for the jewellery to be placed around the body. I think that this has really helped me because I could be analytical in my approach to the various positioning of my favourite designs

Initially we begun looking at drawing techniques, which has developed my understanding of the proportions of the run way model body and how to draw this figure quickly. This allowed me then today to produce fast drawings which I could design onto, making the whole process more efficient and creative as a result. 

I focused on all the areas of the body, however, what I think to be most effective was around the neck and shoulders as well as the back. I think that this has the most relevance to my contextual research, because I have taken inspiration from the soldiers who were shot for cowardice showing bravery through removing their blindfold when they where infront of the firing squad. 

Designing for the Leg and Knee

Geometric Shape Investigation

Models Investigating Positioning on the body and the Message I want to achieve

Men Removed the blindfold to show that they werent Cowards and could face death

Burning the Copper off the Structure

Modelled on a Man which is more relevant to my context

Week 25 Day Plan

Model For Intermediate Outcome

Ridges to create Elevation



Today was my progress tutorial with my tutor, Karla. Besides anything, what was most encouraging was that I seem to be heading in a good direction and my work load is good, and therefore I am really pleased, and feel re assured about how I have gotten on so far with the project. 

What I have to improve on was my explanation of my thoughts behind the details of my designs. I was disappointed that I couldn't vocalise them very well to Karla when she asked some of her questions about the piece which I had created so far and my ideas, however she said that she understood where they had come from in my sketchbook, so I want to work on this, and continue with the method that we used at the beginning of the project, using Buzz words as stimuli. I have therefore decided to look back into the ideas that I have had during my research, and I am going to try and link them all together in my intermediate outcome, and I want to be able to fully explain my decisions and thought process in relation to the context.

I went into the workshop this afternoon to begin making my plastic piece. I have chosen plastic as an experimentation with the material, but also because it will allow me to explore different methods of working and techniques which I could transfer. I also want to investigate the significance of colour in the piece. I was pleased with my progress today, and plan tomorrow to carry on with the work I have been doing. 

Laying out Designs with hinges in place



Today we exhibited our work so far and the products we had made for an intermediate outcome. I found today extremely useful because I was able to see how much work I had done in comparison to the other members of the curriculum areas as well as compare the standard of my own work and how it would look in comparison to the other projects. Over all I was really proud of what I had produced and how it looked in the presentation. I was chosen to explain and present my project which I was really pleased with because therein showed that people where interested and engaged with my project, and from this I got some positive comments from this. The feedback over all was really useful on the day, with some suggestions which would really help to develop my research as well as my project as a whole. I also received some very positive comments about the etching which I had done and I think that the detail in them really engages people and therefore as a result of this I want to look into this technique further and how I can develop it and transfer it onto other materials. 

Feedback from Peers

Image projected in a Red Filter


Today was really useful in terms of continued research. I went to the Science Museum to visit an exhibition called Wounded. this was suggested to me after my presentation in Class on Thursday. I was so pleased that this information was shared with me because the exhibition was so directly relevant to the work that I did and my project concept as a whole so was extremely useful. It was a fascinating exhibit of , many different ways in which the soldiers in World War 1 where wounded, but also helped to educate me in how these men where treated.There was a large section in this exhibition which was dedicated to Shell Shock and the evolution to PTSD. I also found it really interesting to see the accounts of soldiers in this time of warfare and the way that they combat the disorder. I think that the exhibition really broadened my over all knowledge of the warfare in World War 1 and how it was so controversial to any other form of warfare. The exhibition also showed me how men where effected by PTSD and still are, as well as opening my eyes into horrifying side effects and symptoms. What I also was pleased with having visited the exhibition was that it confirmed to me that the research that I have been doing is coherent with its content, which has reassured me that my sources where successful. 

Cardboard Model


I was able to start on my piece today, as I want to have the shapes ready and well made before the easter break. I also want to make the piece to the best of my ability and therefore I have allowed time for myself to practise and refine new techniques such as the Silver Soldering as well as problem solve, for example with the folding of the sheets in different directions. 

Initially I drew out all of the templates that I had made which where so useful in the end because I was able to visually see how the shape should look in the copper which minimised mistakes. I realise that this sort of planning ahead for the next day will be imperative to the success of the creation of the piece because there are many different components to consider. I found that the tabs where fiddly, as I had to use the band saw and then file them down which didn't give as clean a cut as the gilatene however I was pleased with the way that these turned out on the whole, and the filing gave me much more control over the shape which I think has improved the finish of the piece. I ran into a problem when I folded the B sections in the wrong directions so that the whole piece was effectively back to front. I tried to rectify this error however it meant that the folds where not as crisp and looked messy. I worked with it for a while, continuing to file and re fold, however I eventually re made the section in favour of a better finish. 

At the end of the day I was able to do some soldering practice withe the copper which I will continue tomorrow as I want to be knoweldgeable in the process before I commit to doing it for the actual piece. I have also realised that I don't want to put the copper into the pickle after annealing it because the colour comes out too pink and I prefer the burnt look from the quenching

Soldering Practise

Soldering Preparation

Colour of Soldered Copper after Quenching

Colour Experimentation on the Copper

Soldering on a larger Scale


Today I was in the workshop again and spent the day exploring the textures of the copper surface. I wanted to develop a technique to achieve the red and black blistering effect which I had created accidentally during the soldering process. I felt that the colours where really beautiful but also made the whole piece more coherent with the idea of war and the devastation of post traumatic stress because of the drastic and dark colour scheme. I think it resembles the difficulties and solidarity in the subject that I have been looking at. I think that the red has connotations to the blood and lives lost in war which therefore is very relevant to the cause of Shell Shock itself. The Blackened colour makes the piece seem more somber, but I also think that this surface is far more appropriate than the pink of the copper metal colour itself. I developed a technique to create this effect which was really effective and made the most beautiful textures on the copper, only enhancing the piece. Fristly I scratched the surface of the copper and applied borax sporadically on the surface, then heated it intensely until it was blackened, and quenched the copper. This has also made it much softer and therefore more pliable. 

I was also successful today in creating different shoulder pieces as a result of re working the design yesterday because of the difficulties soldering. I am planing to construct the actual piece tomorrow as the shape is majority made and textured.

Heating the Borax and the Metal to alter the surface

Surface Textures


I have continued to look at the images of armours which were worn in world war 1 as well as fashion collections and designs which have been inspired by the shapes of armour. This has helped me to refine the shape of my design because I have realised that the shoulder of the piece must extend a little more down the back than I had originally anticipated because I wanted it to be inspired from the actual body armour worn by the British army in WW1

i also have begun to experiment with the copper etching tools on the copper foil sheets. These materials are not as sturdy as I thought that they would be, and I thought that to fix this I will mount them on copper sheets which will make the whole the piece more fluid and consistent. 


I spent the day researching methods of etching into copper plates themselves. I have been really pleased with the etchings of the lions that I have been doing into the copper foil, however I have been having lots of concerns with the incorporation of these into my actual piece with the irreverent copper. I think that they have become incredibly detailed which in one sense is very intriguing, but also I feel that they are slightly too distracting in the way that the eye is drawn to them and not the piece. The boards that hold the copper foil are also only mounted on cardboard and I feel that I needed to think of more sophisticated materials than the card, as it might look quite makeshift in relation to my piece, which I want to look more sophisticated than merely card. 

I did lots of research into processes of etching into copper and came across that which is used to etch Circuit boards for electric. Most of these use digital printers to create the design, and then will use a chemical called Ferric Chloride. I then looked into the use of Ferric Chloride on copper sheets and realised that this process has been taken up by some artists to create detailed designs on the surface of copper as it can etch sheet copper with the design drawn on with a resistant. I realised that ink can be used as the resistant, and therefore I have ordered the materials and chemicals to attempt this process to combat the problem of the piece being too amateur if I used the foil etched piece. I also think that this could allow me to be more stylised in my drawings which will help to not distract the viewer of the Jewellery and hopefully they will look at it more holistically. 

Distorting the etchings to make them less distracting


I was really productive today because I knew that I wanted to get the designs onto the copper and prepare the copper sheet for the actual etching which I will start tomorrow. THe preparation process is fundamental to the success of the etching because failing to prepare the sheet correctly would result in the etchant eating away at areas that it isn't meant to which could completely ruin the copper design. I therefore was patient with the preparations. This involved sanding down the copper and washing it to remove any oils that may be lying on the surface of it. Then I had to outline the sides of the sheet with the resist to stop the etchant eating into the sides of the copper. To prevent the etchant touching the back of the copper, I had to press the copper into a lattice of tape which would then block it from being touched and consequently etched. I then drew my design onto the copper, making sure that it wasnt too complex and that the lines where thick so that they would be clearly etched. I will attempt the etching process tomorrow. 

Filling in the design of the lion with resist

First attempt at placing the copper plate in the ferric chloride

Testing how deep the etchant has acted


Today I actually etched the copper. I was really hoping that it would be successful because I had spent so long on the preparations  of the plates, I wanted them to look as effective as possible. I was so pleased with the way that it turned out, and I realised that I was improving my own technique the second time that I did it. The etchant worked very effectively in removing the copper that I hadn't treated with the resist, creating the ridged effect. It also has coloured the copper interestingly so I will be interested to see how this will effect the patterns and colour that is created when I burn it in construction. Over all I was really pleased with the way that the pieces have come out and they are now ready to be cleaned and then cut up and added to the piece itself in due course. 

cleaning the etched copper sheets with a


I went back into the workshop today, which was made so much easier through the work that I had done before easter with the shaping of all the copper pieces because all that remained to do was to join them to create the base shape. I had done some research into how the armour was joined in the war, and from the images that I had looked at I decided to use rivets to join the pieces of copper because I realised that the soldering wouldnt work well through my previous experiments earlier in the project. This looked really effective in my opinion. I was really pleased with the authenticity of the rivets because I though that they looked appropriately rustic and in keeping with the design however where subtle at the same time. I did however run into some problems at the layered edges because negotiating how to fix the rivet in was difficult but I was pleased with how I managed it. I was then able to move on to placing of the lion etchings

I decided to intensely heat the copper etchings colouring the surface darker because I wanted them to be more abstracted and less obvious so that they didn't look too distracting. I wanted people to look closer and be enticed by the piece to help them appreciate it. This took some re structuring of the base of the piece which made it look scruffier, but I hope to be able to smarten this up tomorrow. Tomorrow I want to finish connecting all the pieces through riveting and then touch them up to improve the finish of the piece.

Adding the Lion etchings to the piece

11/04/17 Making in the workshop


I reinforced the shoulders of the piece today because I wanted them to be more stable. To do this I used copper which hadn't been annealed which made the piece far stronger and more stable, especially on the hinges, which helped the pressure points carry the weight of the structure. These pieces of copper are hidden because they are still shiny and therefore not quite in keeping with the colour scheme of the front of the piece.

I also have designed a frame which will be used for the display of the piece for the exhibition. I think that making this is important for people to fully appreciate and engage with the piece and its concept, and therefore I will make this from copper rods ideally tomorrow. 

measuring the welding rods against my pattern

The wood workshop

filing down the three layers

Initial Brainstorming

Initial Brainstorming cont.

Making Analysis

Making Analysis cont.

What as changed/ evolved from what I said in my project proposal

16/04/17 Planning A2 Sheets



I prepped for the photoshoot today, discussing with my model what to wear and how they where going to be styled as well as logistics of what I needed to take to the shoot and how I could prepare for it in advance in some way. I also went and brought some of the pieces I needed for the styling because the model didn't already have these items. I was a bit worried about what would look best or fit best on the model so I have two options to try tomorrow so that I can assess which one looks the most effective. I have also checked the piece over and made some finishing touches to the exterior so that it looks perfect for the shoot. I will think about polishing it tomorrow but I don't want to change any of the surface details because the textures are so beautiful so I will practise on a test piece first. 

I have also been able to re draft my Evaluation, as I want to take an adequate copy of the document to my tutorial with Pauline Moon on Friday, and therefore I will be able to make it even better with her help, as I feel a little lost with it at the moment.

I have made a good start to my A2 portfolio sheets as well today, which will hopefully allow me more time to improve them over the weekend. 


Photoshoot Day!! This was really exciting because it really helped me feel confident with what I had produced as the photos came out so beautifully. I edited them t make the contrasts stronger and consequently make the piece more distinctive. I was pleased with the different angles that you can see in the images, because I think that it shows off the different elements of the piece. 

I also did the banner writing workshop today which has helped me with writing my 100 words texts to display alongside the images. I selected a variety of images for the banner to show aspects of context, designs and the final photos. 

Notes on Tutorial with Pauline Moon


I tried to collate some of my work today to get it all ready for hand in. I read through my evaluation once again and made some minor alterations to it, but I think overall Im pleased with the way that it reads and what it describes. I also did some work on my workflow for my research because I found an artist who made me reflect on my own work and the way that animals can be used in to create atmosphere and translate different things to people who area looking at the art. I feel that the animals are really good at symbolising things, and therefore I felt that this artists work reinforced this, even if I discovered them after the project was made. 

Tomorrow we are setting up the exhibition which I feel like I am ready for and excited to put my work on display. I think that this will be a really interesting day to see what what everyone else has done with their projects as well as how mine fits into the exhibition as a whole. I will also try to gather together all my work tomorrow so that I am absolutely ready for the hand in. 

The first theme was Sentimentality and Nostalgia. I worked with my idea to develop a description into the project, highlighting areas which interested me and what I would like to research. I think that this theme is strong, because it will enable me to research both artistic movements as well as fashion trends, and incorporate eras into my research, giving me a large body of sources and interesting articles and inspiration which will influence the designs of my project. I also think that this theme is particularly interesting because it is broad as well as can be made personal, which means I can do case studies on individuals, as well as look at the creative industry as a whole. At this point, this is what I feel is the stronger theme of the two. 







Upon the workshops which I attended today I wanted to change the theme of the project. I felt that the theme of Sentimentality and Nostalgia was far too broad and possibly not very personal, which would be more difficult to research and consequently develop an produce a design from. I talked through the idea with the tutors and realised that what I was interested in was the idea of letting go, and how sentimentality could be restrictive and people can be held in the past. I wanted to think about the restriction of being sentimental and holding on to things, and therefore on the other hand of this, this would then entail the relief of letting go. I found Post traumatic stress disorder- an inability to forget a traumatic event- a really interesting thing to look at, as it is a very negative disorder to have and can severely inhibit and distress the sufferer. I thought then about how this would relate to memories and the topic of nostalgia which I was already interested in, however I liked the negative approach as I thought that this would be interesting. I wondered what things we would like to forget, and contrasted these to things which we ought to remember. With this in mind I came up with my final idea for my theme, which I have settled on- ' IN REMEMBRANCE ' 


I was able to begin my research today which has been a massive help because my project is beginning to have both them and direction which has ultimately helped my level of interest in the project itself. I initially started by devising a plan which would then serve as a template for what I wanted to research and when I needed it to be done by. I therefore made a more precise action plan besides the action plan which is needed for the project to along with the project proposal. I did this one day to day, which I will fill in weekly. I will do this not as far in advance as the Action Plan, which will allow me to be more precise and therefore realistic with my daily aims. For these next two days I have been able to plan what I will be researching and what I want to achieve. I was pleased with my initial research into the History of Armistice Day as well as the History of the Poppy's significance itself, because this makes me have a better understanding of the project as a whole. I plan to continue with broad research tomorrow to extend my knowledge of the history of Armistice Day. 


I was really pleased with the progress of my research today. I was able to go to the Imperial War Museum, and the visit helped massively in clarifying the direction of my project in the research which I plan to do as a result of the visit. I realised that what I was most interested in was the idea of missing remembrance. I looked around an exhibition which highlighted what the conditions for living where like for every day civilians, as well as how terrifying life was like. I found this very interesting because I then realised that women are not often remembered for the sacrifices that they made during the war. THis was also heightened because when looking around the Heroes Gallery which highlighted the stories of men who had been awarded either the Georges Cross or the Victoria Cross, I realised that there where very little women. I later found out that no women had actually been awarded the Victoria Cross to date. I think that this is shocking due to the fact that although physically there are much less women in battle, there are many women who show extraordinary bravery. I therefore want to research this much more and see what the criteria is for wining such an honour. Another avenue which really interested me was the Secret soldiers division. I realised that these persons who where so influential wouldnt have been remembered or honoured because all the cases where classified. I therefore feel like my project is taking the direction of those who aren't being remembered, or who haven't been acknowledged. 


I was able to find a really interesting article today about the effects of war on individuals in the army which related to so honouring, because desertion was one of the biggest causes of shame among individuals in the forces, however what the article claimed was that there where many other things which would contribute to the act of refusing to fight and that the soldiers werent cowards. I therefore want to research this further and see what stories I can uncover, which I will do tomorrow. Overall this week I have been really pleased with my progress, and have stuck to my day plan which has helped day to day in knowing what I need to do, therefore I plan to create another for the week to come. I also want to start working in my sketchbook this week which Is exciting to further my research. 

Day Plan for Week 22


I was able to research a campaign today which was created during the war, called the White Feather campaign. I looked into it because it was women declaring some men cowards for not enlisting into the army. I think that this was really interesting because the stigma and shame which recieving this white feather became attached to was so awful that people where very concerned about it getting it. I therefore think that this shows how peoples families would feel if they found out about their family member being shot for desertion which was seen as a form of cowardice. I think too that this it reflected in how many families have campaigned to get their relative pardoned from this crime because it is seen as cowardice and something to be ashamed of. I can therefore see how these men have not at all been recognised or honoured, because, on the contrary, they have been dishonoured due  to an act which potentially could have been performed because these men where ill. I think that this is very sad and seems a shame, and something which I feel I would like to pursue right and perhaps honour in my own work. 


Today I looked at the ways in which I could make my work more visual as currently what I had been looking at was mainly the background, factual information, however I wanted to interpret this visually in my sketchbook. I also found that this helped clarify my ideas of what I was actually interested in about the topic. I found that I was interested in the fact that the men where killed at the expense of them 'deserting' however, the case studies I looked at where mainly men who would have been classified with PTSD in this day. The sad thing was that the pain did not stop at the individual themselves, but was carried through the dismay and shame of the family- which is shown when the families fought the government for years to get their names pardoned. Even with this pardon in 2006, these men aren't included in most rolls of honour, and the lives where still lost and documented as deserters. I therefore looked into the shame of this, and was visually interested in the blindfold that is warn infront of the firing squad. It is told that many soldiers didn't wear one as if to show that they where indeed brave and not the coward they where depicted as. I think that the eyes is a really interesting thing to focus on for this project. 



Today we looked at 12 individual research images which we had chosen to represent our respective projects. We grouped them randomly, choosing which category our overall project fitted into. I went into the group of "Social, Political, Cultural". In my group we looked into themes within our images, where we could draw similarities between them. 

Historic Events

Personality - Anonymous

With this scale I really feel that I want to use the strength of the facial features to make the piece engaging because I think that the blindfold has such an anonymous approach and therefore I want to show how to soldiers often removed their blindfolds to show they weren't the cowards that they were caused of.

Negative - Positive

Model 1 Representing the Key word: PERSONALITY

3. Pride and Shame

I took this title from the idea of Negatives and positives. I realised that I was interested in the shame which deserters carried and their families where cursed with, however, I was also really interested in the idea that soldiers are portrayed as such heroes and something to be proud of. I tried to use colour to show the direct contrast in the two emotions, however run a wire underneath them to represent the sinister truth of the paradox between pride and shame for deserters who where suffering with PTSD.


I watched videos today as part of my research, which was incredibly eye opening into the events which the soldiers had to witness and cope with. I think that this visual exposure to these events has helped to give my project some more context and helped me to understand why the soldiers where under such pressure and constant terror because of the continuous bombardment and scared continuously. It is extremely moving and I really felt empathetically towards the soldiers themselves, which has made me realise I will definitely want to provoke a similar reaction in my piece to the viewer of it.

Making stages- structural supports and assembly

Final Model with Panelling added


Today I slightly abstracted my research and consequently my sketchbook work too in the way that I was able to look into symbolism of Bravery. I originally wanted to delve into symbols of Cowards, to which I just found white feathers, and therefore I thought that It would be interesting to juxtapose the symbolism of bravery against the Cowards who where shot for the complete contrast of this in fact. This lead me to African American culture, in their ancient symbolism of animals to portray human characteristics. I think that this could be really interesting in relation to my project because being declared a coward would erase any of these characteristics from being associated with that person

Using the Fashion Illustration technique of colour block in designing

Most Successful design in terms of the scale I want to achieve

Placing The Design on the Chest

Although I am pleased with the general direction that the design is going and the geometric shapes are working effectively, I want to use more impressive materials to create my models because I feel that using the brown tape let the model down some what as it makes it look less sophisticated, however, it is suggestive of the shapes that I want to create, and in this sense it is effective. I will try to use different materials to combat this. 

Blindfold Shape Inspired by the Blindfolds worn by men who where shot by the firing squad for Cowardice



I wanted to make a more sophisticated model today in the workshop to help illustrate my ideas and help me with the scale and the fit of the whole piece. I chose to make it out of copper wires because i think that these would be most effective to create the geometric shapes that i was interested in, however it also allowed me to evaluate some materials too, which was helpful in the development of the project. 

I was pleased with the outcome of this model because the look of it appears the way I imagined and designed, however, I would prefer some of the bends to be more right angled and the finess of the piece to be improved. I also experimented with the colour of the piece, partically burning the copper to create a brighter colour. I think that this is really effective and so will consider using it as the material for my piece, because I think that the burnt effect works really well with the concept of war as it almost highlights the paint, blood and terror in the brightness of the colours. I really like the black steel too because I think that it reflects some of my research into the dark horrors of war and is using a similar colour pallette to the artists that I have researched for example Paul Nash. 

Modelled on a Women


I tried to focus on developing my design even further today, creating a to scale model out of cardboard which will act as a template for the design that I will make in the coming week. I have decided to try to make this out of acrylic perspex in a neutral colour for the reason that I would like to see how the piece communicated without the visual aid of colour. I want to make sure that the message I am attempting to portray will be recognised from its components. I therefore will try to do this in the 3 days that I have before out intermediate critique next thursday. with this planning I feel that it should indeed be manageable as long as I stick to the timetable that I have created. The template that I made today will definitely help with the composition of the piece as I will be able to cut it to size relatively quickly as a result of having the template ready. I have therefore ordered the materials that I will use tomorrow so that I can get working straight away after my tutorial. 

I have been pleased with my progress over all this week because I have been able to make lots of models which have therefore helped me to develop my designs which has been really useful when I am considering scale and positioning on the body. I will attempt next week to continue with my research, however focus it more on the designs and the process that I want to investigate and pursue. 

In the Plastic Workshop


Today I was able to start creating in three dimensional form my intermediate outcome. I think that this has been really useful in confirming that my ideas work practically and look effective. I spent most of the day etching which was an experience because it is a different technique to drawing which I didn't quite expect. I managed to get an acceptable level of details in the image to make them look effective as well as like the lion forms. 

Responding to my feedback from my progress tutorial, I realise that my context and my research needed to be more firmly incorporated into my design ideas because some of my criticism was the fact that the ideas didn't seem to be fully coherent and explained with the concept. For this design, I therefore decided to take my inspiration from armour and uniform, in the regimented forms of rectangles, and position it around the neck to resemble the pulling down of the blindfold for the deserters being shot by the firing squads. I want, as described in my Project Proposal, to show that these men where brave, and therefore I have drawn the lions onto the Perspex in the etching technique, and therefore this is reminiscent of the african american tribes using the lion as a symbol for courage and bravery.

Elevation of Panels

16/03/17 Project Description

Projection of Etchings onto White

Model Piece in Cardboard for the Final Design

Measurements for each rectangular piece

Making Stencils out of Paper to use in the workshop

Measuring out the Copper from the Template

Bending the Copper

Copper Hinges createf through folding

Soldered Pieces of Copper

Soldered Copper Before Quenching

Copper Having been placed in the Pickle

Texture of Heated Copper

Construction of a Shape

Re designed Shoulder Piece

Using Borax to change the surface of the copper


I have decided that over the Easter break I will try to stick to a structured plan of action which will, in Theory, enhance my project but should also mean that I am able to go back to uni with a clear plan in my head of what needs to be done and when it must be done by. This will make my project more efficient as a result because I will be able to plan my days more effectively in the workshop, and hopefully stick to my action plan, therefore helping me to finish the project in time for the deadline and to the standard that I wish it to be. I want the project to be a high level of finish to reflect the thought and detail that I have gone into when making and researching the piece, and therefore I think that it is important for me to continue to be organised over these last couple of months and continue with the work I am doing on the project. With this in mind I have decided that over the Easter break, as stated in my action plan, I will try to refine my ideas of the final design, so that I have a solid plan to work to in the workshop. For the first week of the break, I am going to continue my research on workflow but also attempt to translate these ideas into the sketchbook to make the content of the whole project wholistic and coherent. I want to inform my design with the research I am doing, and therefore I will try in these days to develop the shape of the piece. I also want to practise the etching onto the surfaces to create the copper etchings of the lions. I will plan to finalise these pieces in the second week of the holiday, ready for assembly when I am back in the workshop. 

Etching Experimentation


Today I have been working on some more etchings of the lions on the copper foil. What I plan to do with these is experiment in collages with how I can incorporate these into my piece. I was thinking that they would be really effective at some of the hinges and joints between the levels of copper and the geometric shapes, because they would then only show the image when it is face on. I don't want the drawings to be too obvious as I feel that this will distract from the actual piece, however, I think that I do want to depict the lions onto the armour, because this is a very important part of my concept as it is about the display of courage for young men who were shot at dawn. I have begun to finalise my design shape, which is really encouraging for me. I want to be able to start the next term with a very clear idea of what needs to be done and by what time. I also am pleased with the design as it focuses mainly around the chest and neck which I think looks effective because it is as if the armour is protecting against the firing squad yet at the same time is positioned near the head which is reminiscent of the difficulties of the mental illness PTSD. I plan to document all of these things in my sketchbook tomorrow.  Tomorrow I need to investigate a model also. 

Etching on copper foil

03/04/17 Copper etching on Foils

The copper sheet to begin with (1mm thickness)

Sanding Down the copper sheet

Drawing on the design of the lion

Drawing on more designs of lions

Suspending the Copper in Ferric Chloride

Placing in th eNeutralising Solution

Having removed the copper from the solutions


I needed to clean the resist of the copper which had made the black colour of the design. I considered leaving it and filling it in, but I thought that the drawing and etching would look much more interesting and effective if it was more subtle and not as obvious as the black. I also want to colour the copper through the heating of it intensely under the flame as I did with the other pieces of the copper and therefore I will do this next week in the workshop. To clean the copper I placed it in acetone and cleaned the surface. 

I have looked into models I may ask to model the piece for me and will plan to organise this in the next week so that on the weekend I will be able to think of styling. I am planning to blindfold the model because then this will be contextual to the concept of the piece. I will continue with sketchbook work and logging up the process in the sketchbook for the remainder of today. 

Drilling the wholes for the rivets

11/04/17 design developement

reinforcing the bends of the copper

designingthe stand around the back of the piece


I began making a bespoke stand for the piece today. I decided on this because I felt that it was important to display the piece nicely to get the full appriciation of the making as well as the concept. To do this I used welding rods to create the pattern that I had made in 3 dimensional form. I then challenged myself to use the wood workshop to create the base because I needed it to be extremely storng in order for the piece to balance on it therefore the base's weight had to counteract the weight of the chest piece. The wood workshop was a new experience for me, however I was really pleased with what I created because I think it looks professional and well crafted. I will finish making the stand next week.

Over the weekend I am going to continue with sketchbook work as well as write my evaluation ready for draft submission early next week. I also will gather some ideas for the photoshoot of my piece, and talk with the model as well as clarify in my own mind what I want from the process.



Ideation Analysis

Ideation Analysis cont.


I had done the workshop for the reflective review of my project yesterday, but wanted to relate this back to my original aims for the project which I had stated in my project proposal, and how these related to the piece I had designed and produced but also what had changed, to help give a better relevance to the reflective review I was going to write. 

I made a list of the aims I hd clarified in my project proposal and then underneath explained how I had addressed these in my project. I then made a list of the things that had changed slightly from what I had said in my project proposal, and underneath I explained how these things had evolved or developed. 

What I aimed to achieve from my project proposal

18/04/17 Last workshop Day



Today was the last day in the workshop, where I did the final touched on my piece as well as compiled some test pieces as samples and examples for my sketchbook and for my A2 portfolio sheets.

I also did the self assessment which was really useful in gauging where I was with the project and how it was coming together as well as what I needed to improve on. I felt that this highlighted that some of my strengths where workflow and my research and reflection, as I am now very thankful that I have maintained doing these consistently throughout the project compared to having to rush them at the end. I have also realised weaknesses in my project which will help me to evaluate it in the essay re draft tomorrow

20/04/17 Photo Shoot

Baner Text Workshop 20/04/17

21/04/17 Tutorial with Pauline Moon

I went to a tutorial with Pauline Moon to work on my project Evaluation today. The tutorial was really useful and has really helped me with knowing where I need to improve and re word some of my sentences. Pauline allowed me to realise that some of my points weren't too clear and so I was able to re write some of the proposal so that it is more clear and concise. I was really pleased that I went to see her, and despite my evaluation being over the word count, I feel that the points I am making are relevant and therefore I think that I will leave the length of it. 

I have also continued to make progress with my portfolio sheets, and I think that these are going well and I won't be too pushed for time to finish them, which will mean that I can complete them to the standard that I want. 

I have also handed in my 100 Word Summary of the project and 4 images for the banner for the exhibition. I am really pleased with the photos so I hope that the Banner will come out well too. 

My second theme proposal was Perception of Self. I think that this theme is personal and therefore could require a personal response, however there are so many broad avenues that I could investigate down, such as what ones perception of themselves is altered by, how it is altered, and what aspects of ones perceptions can be altered. I therefore think that even a medical side of the topic would be fascinating to explore because illnesses and diseases can alter a perception of ones self and therefor I think this could be interesting stimuli for a project. However, at this point, I am less confident in this proposal than my previous proposal theme. I feel that the personal aspect of this theme could be inhibiting despite being interesting, and I think that this themes relation to jewellery is less concise







IN REMEMBRANCE - this is my chosen theme, which I felt would be a more appropriate theme than the two which I had previously proposed, however it was indeed a direct revelation from the theme of sentimentality. From the workshop today, I feel more confident that I can write my brief on this topic due to the fact that it has a political and ethical message, as well as I have a personal response to the subject. In the theme of remembering, looking back, and being defined by your future, I am interested that young people of today don't know much about what has made the world how it is today. Namely- the lives who have fought and lost their lives in wars to make the country free interested me, because it is something which we feel we need to recognise and respect, however our knowledge and understanding is often limited. I therefore, in my initial idea for the project, want to help people remember more deeply and realise what was lost, what was at stake, and how these lives must be remembered because they have defined our way of life now. I think that this is something which we should never let go, we should be grateful for, and something we must understand, and therefor I want to think about the remembrance of lives which have been lost, and the legacy which has been left behind. 


Today I continued with my research into History of Remembrance and its significance to us. I have also looked at the soldiers who died in the war, and the protocol of their funeral services. As  a result of my work today, I plan to visit the Cenotaph in London, as well as the Imperial War Museum, as these have been iconic places in all of my research, as well as being very significant places of remembrance to the Armed Forces

I found the information which I researched today incredibly interesting, and realised that there where particular areas which where proving to be a niche interest to me personally. What I was intrigued by was the idea of the Uknown Soldier, which was an element of research I want to look into in much more detail. I think that this is interesting because there where so many missing soldiers, unknown soldiers, and also unglorified soldiers who lost their lives in the war. I have begun to consider the idea of finding a way to glorify or acknowledge them, and therefor connect them with the new generation, even if they aren't part of the Roll of Honour. 

Imperial War Museum


I was really pleased withe the progress that I was able to make today, as I have found a fascinating part of research which I really enjoyed looking into. I thought more about deserting soldiers, and looked at an article which explored whether or not these men where in fact suffering from PTSD or aka Shell Shock which would drive them too it. Having just scratched the surface of this idea, I realise that there is definitely a strong argument which would advocate that each soldier did indeed suffer from this condition, however, having also looked at some counter arguments, I can also recognise that each individual would need to be taken at a case by case value to grant this pardon. However, what I also found really interesting was the fact that these soldiers inevitably are not recognised in the roll of honour or remembered at Armistice day. This is due to the fact that they where dishonoured with the shame of desertion, and therefore it would seem contradictory to honour them lately. I think that this is very significant, for if these individuals where ill, then in my opinion they should not be dishonoured. I therefore want to research more about this again tomorrow. 

I was also pleased today that I could start culminating some ideas into my sketchbook to reflect my research so far. This should help me visually represent what I have been looking at and thinking about, as well as allowing me to explore different ideas that I could further pursue when moving the project on into the designing phase. 


I began working in my sketchbook today, and put together  a front page spread which reflected my research so far and therefore explained the broad idea from my theme. I realised from the imagery that I had used that there was a lot of references that could be made to war time and battle, however, I wanted to focus mainly on remembrance and the topic of remembering the lives that where lost, and honouring them. The symbolism for this is iconically a poppy and therefore I wanted to play around with this idea and look at the shape and symbolism of the poppy in a more graphic way. I looked at different ways of drawing it, as well as the colours of the poppy, and tried to show the poem from which this symbolism came from too in my work. I want to further this research in my work tomorrow, and I want to look at the way in which the poppy can symbolise peace as well as remembrance, and experiment with colour and how this can change the perspective of someone, and what colours have come to represent and be reminiscent of. I also want to look at some more personal stories who where deserters and some sufferers of PTSD specifically in the war as I would like to deepen my understanding of what this can involve and why this would lead to a soldier deserting their comrades in battle. 

Week 23 Day Plan


I was able to be very productive today with my project, which allowed me to help progress it further and clarify more what I want to look into. I started with some research, gong to the Burberry Exhibition of their collaboration with the artist Henry Moore. This was very inspiring because it made me think more abstractly about how I could make this beautifully delicate pieces into my own project, and this made me excited to think of the possibilities which I could pursue. I think that this was also really useful in the way of me thinking about what kind of shapes and materials I could use, because some of the pieces which where displayed looked as thought they had military inspirations

I was also pleased that I could get into my sketchbook this week and do some work, which has continued to help me illustrate my ideas and thought processes. Again, my day by day plan has helped me to plan my research each day- usually one day in advance so that I can be as specific as possible, so I aim to carry this through next week. 

Theme Analysis

I found the most interesting theme was PERSON, because I realised that the portrait of a person gave certain details of their personalities. I realised that in contrast to the serial Killers in another individuals project and research, my images of soldiers look humble, kind and personable, as well as compared to the solemn images by RenKurosawa, the soldiers look nobel and personable. I think that the eyes and facial features connection makes the image more engaging which is something I want to pursue because I want my project to be enticing and engaging to people to help express my concept. 

Sanity- Insanity

I found this scale interesting because we placed the Soldiers on the Sane end of the scale based on the photos alone, however I know from my own research that the images show people who suffered from Shell Shock to the extent that they could not function normally and where not medically considered sane at all

Model 2 representing Sanity


In this model I wanted to show the transparency between sanity and insanity. On the scales which we looked at today the images of the men where placed at the sane end of the spectrum just because they appeared to be soldiers and normal. I know from my research that these men suffered mental health issues, and therefore were not technically sane, and therefore this blindfold was meant to show the fluctuations of one moving from the sane to the insane.


I had a really productive day today, because I was able to develop one of my abstract models into something which was more sophisticated and could be worn on the body. I chose the design which resembles the work 'Personality' from the research workshop which we did on Tuesday. I wanted it to reflect the fragmented but also fragile nature of the soldiers minds and their sanity as a result. I thought that the match sticks where effective in the way that they too where organic and sharp yet at the same time delicate, and therefore I kept these materials for the ones I was going to use to make this model. I also wanted to investigate the scale of the design and therefore I made a design which was inspired by a breast plate in traditional armour because I felt that this reflected the soldier in some way. I was pleased with the outcome, however, I feel that the scale was too big and I would want to explore more into the 3d shape of the design and develop the structural placement of the geometric shapes to make it more interesting to look at. I also think that I could do some interesting experiments with the panels on the design because this will help me to portray my message and context


I was looking at the effect that the war had, and desertion had on families and those who were left behind today. I found this really interesting as I realised that it was not just the men who where hugely effected by the war, but the women too who were left behind.I watched the film, Testament of Youth which opened my eyes to people losing almost their whole family or all the men in their lives, which seems utterly heart breaking, and I saw how this can completely destroy homes as a result. I also looked into the shame and stigma attached to desertion, and I realised that losing a loved one in this way would almost worsen the pain as it would feel that their life was lost for no reason at all having been shot by a firing squad. I think that  this shame and heart ache is something which I need to look into more, because being shot for desertion was being declared a coward, which caused total horror in the army and family. These men werent cowards, they where sick, and it is apparent how much heart ache this caused because of how people fought to get family names cleared of this charge years and years later. I therefore will look more into symbols of cowardice and think about how to show these men where brave as their families did. 

Illustrations of the Figure

Placing the Design on Various Parts of the Body



I was able to make some more models today, which helped to practically create the designs which I had visualised yesterday during the Design it day. I think that over all the designs where successful due to the fact that they where definitely developments of the drawings which I had done initially.

I tried to stick to geometric shapes, in particular the rectangle because I realised that this to me reflects the fragmented feelings of someone suffering with PTSD because they seem to be regular however the offset shapes shows their conflict in feelings. I also think that this shape is virtually reminiscent of the blindfold around the eyes when places horizontally. 

We learnt how to measure the various parts of our body, and consequently where able to create model designs for the different areas of the body, which also has helped me to consider different body parts for my designs more visually. I think that with relevance to my idea, the chest is the best platform for my design as the scale of the piece will be most effective there in my opinion. 

Geometric Shape Investigation

Changing The positioning on the Body


Today I wanted to make a model which helped relate my concept the positioning on the body and the way in which this could be of significance to the research that I did. I wasnt too concerned with the shape of the blindfold, and therefore took inspiration for this sketch model in one of my designs from earlier in the week. 

What I wanted to convey was that there was an act of bravery among those accused of cowardice to remove their blindfolds when they where facing the firing squad to show that they where indeed brave men. I think that this is a very courageous thing to do as they would literally stare death in the face. I also think that their point is very clear and strong, and for this reason, in relation to my project, I would like to make a piece of jewellery which is places around the shoulders or neck as if to resemble these men who where not cowards declaring themselves as brave in a last courageous act

Today I was also efficient in getting round to the editing of my project proposal and re wording the context in order to update the more specific avenue of desertions which I have specialised my project in, and therefore this now is ready for my tutorial next week.

09/03/17 Burning the Copper Rods to Brighten the Colour


Today I wanted to develop the model that I made, and tried to block out some of the areas in the geometric shapes that I had created. I did this using copper wire to experiment more with the colours and the materials that I may use for the actual piece. I think that this was really effective as it added another dimension to the piece which I think will make it look more interesting. The copper colour is also really effective when it is paired with the black, as it is reminiscent of something like fire, or burning which is really appropriate to my piece due to the fact that it is about war. I think that I will try to pursue this colour scheme as it seems very effective and relates really well to the concept. I am going to try and look into the way that the piece can be connected and made more slickly because at the moment I am not pleased with the hinges. I also want to investigate whether the hollow rectangles or filled ones will look more effect, so again, I will experiment  with this next week.

Measuring Proportions and Making a 'Map' To make within the next week

Measuring out the pieces for the design

Prototype alongside model

Etchings of Lions Features to Symbolise Courage

Corner Structure to Create 3D form


I finished making my piece today, which has allowed me to realise the idea and the design practically. I think that the way that it has turned out was really successfully and I am really pleased with the outcome and the way that the whole piece looks. I wanted the etchings to stand out prominently, and therefore modelled the piece on a black background. This also was really effective in the creation of atmosphere, and was reminiscent of the research which I have done previously into Paul Nash etc. 

I also decided to model the piece on a younger boy, as if to show the innocence of the soldiers who where shot at dawn, and how many of them really where just boys and young men who where put under immense pressure to perform and conform in the war. I think that the photos are successful because of these elements, and Im pleased that the piece does end up looking much like armour which related to the context. 

A3 Sheet presenting Images


As part of my feedback from the crit the other day, It was suggested to me to look into projecting light onto the design and using the etchings shadows to create different patterns as projections. I did this, but also experimented with the colour filters too as inspired by Helmo the photographer. I am really pleased with the way that this turned out and I think that this extra element of photography is interesting to look at. I think that the most successful colour was the red as it seems piercing and sad which was really effective. I want to carry on using the red in my work as it seems reminiscent of blood and anger which almost resembles certain aspects of PTSD so I think that thats really interesting and relevant. . 

20/03/17 Model In cardboard of final design


Today we had a lecture on all the important dates and deadlines which are to come. This was really useful for me for my own personal action plan, as I was able to envisage what needed to be done and when by for my piece to be successfully made and created. It also reminded me to consider and account for the workshops being busy and the technicians not being available to speak to due to volume of people. I therefore have re assessed my aims for this week and plan to go into the work shop for the remainder of the week, and actively start my piece. I therefore have brought some of the materials that I needed for the piece, and will use the copper in the workshop tomorrow. I have decided as developement from my perspex piece that I will attempt to make it out of copper and etch into the copper. I want to use the elements of colour in my piece to enhance its presence, and therefore I will use the copper to do this by heating it half to make the brilliance in colour as it anneals. 

I also made a model today from cardboard of the piece in life size. I did this so that I could be as productive as possible in the workshop tomorrow as well as present the technician with exactly what I need to make so that I can make the problem solving an easier process. I have realised that there will be a lot of soldering required in the piece and therefore a goal of mine from today was to create shapes from this model which could be cut out and folded in order to minimise the amount of soldering that I will need to do as this will simplify the design but also will mean that as I solder it the piece wont collapse.

Filing Down rough edges from The Band Saw

Copper Shapes in relation to the templates


I began the construction of the pieces that I had cut yesterday today. THis started with lots of soldering practise on smaller pieces because I needed to understand the technique better. To do this I played around with a variety of shapes and geometric angles, soldering in different positions and changing whether the surface was flat or at 90 degrees pointing upwards. I felt so much more confident after a morning spent doing this, and I also used these test pieces as samples for colour, experimenting with whether I put them in the pickle, or just left them with the burnt design when quenched.

For the colour testing that I did, I realised that the most effective colour scheme for my project, which also brought in some beautiful textures as well, was the colours created having intensely heated the copper for soldering and then leaving it to be quenched, having not put it in the pickle. I really love the dark black thats created and the crusted textures which show on the surface, giving glimpses of  copper. I think that this will tie in better to the copper etching that I will be doing also.

A problem that I has today was the fact that I had tested and refined my skills in soldering on much smaller and more delicate pieces than the size of my actual piece. I found it extremely difficult trying to solder longer strips of copper which where attached to the larger piece because the heating and balancing became extremely difficult. Despite this I managed to solder several corners onto the copper however after the difficulties of the day I re designed the shoulders of the piece so that they would be folded from one sheet of copper instead of soldered which will make the piece look slicker and give it more stability. 

Soldering Large pieces of Copper

Colours of the Copper having been heated

Preparing the Surface for texturing

Borax on the surface of the copper

week plan for the first week of easter

Copper Foil Etchings


I researched techniques of etching onto copper. I have realised that in the timeframe that I have at the moment that it could be unrealistic for me to etch onto the copper using digital printing or intaglio printing, because the process is slightly unpredictable and I would be able to achieve a lot less detail than I have in my etchings. I have realised that the etchings on the copper foil have been really effective and possibly more so than the originals that I did on the perspex. I want to pursue this by doing some more etching s but also seeing how I can abstract them into slightly less obvious shapes and see how that looks and appears on the piece I have made out of the copper. I plan to etch more images tomorrow which will mean i can do various experimentations with the pieces which therefore allows me to to continue to explore the ideas.

2nd Week of Easter Day Plan


I have been continuing with my sketches onto the copper foil surfaces, because it has helped me look at the way in which drawing through negatively removing the light areas of the image is a completely different technique than I am used to. I have found this really helpful for the visualisations of my designs and how they will work with the piece I am creating. With these etchings I have also looked into distorting them through cutting them up and making them look much less like the lions I originally etched into the boards. this was really successful because it made the designs look more abstract and therefore less intimidating to the actual piece. 

I have collected some more supplies in preparation for the copper etching using the Ferric Chloride, seeking advice on how to use it and its hazards, creating my own risk assessment for the chemical. I have also researched the chemical properties of the particular solution because I was interested in how it reacts with the copper and what actually happens. 

Incorperating the Copper textures to the distroted copper foil etchings

Adding resist to the edges of the copper sheet


Today I spent the day prepping two boards for the etching. Due to the time consuming preparations that it takes for the boards to be ready, I plan to now attempt the actual etching process with Ferric Chloride on Friday because I want the whole day to work out how to use the chemical and what the results would be like. I also want to make the plates as perfect as possible as I feel that this will mean that the results will be more effective as the preparation will make the finish of the piece look more refined. 

Hydrogen Carbonate neutralising Bath

plate number 2 of etched copper

Flattening the Tab surfaces for a better fit

Aligning the surfaces ready for riveting

centre punching

Thes structure of the piece


I was in the workshop again today, which allowed me to really develop the piece. I was able to make the breast plate so much more stable and more refined through slighting adjusting the structure of the rectangles, and in doing so, the piece looked so much more effective and professional because of its strong form. With this structure, I think that the surfaces of the copper can be appriciated to a greater extent because I think that the body of armour almost looks like a canvas on which holds a surface of art work almost, and through this surface my context is translated, with the reds and blisters symbolising the pain of the battle and the lions symbolising the bravery of the individual who wore it, who would have been shot at dawn yet suffered from shell shock. I had to slightly alter the shoulder as I felt that they poked out too much and made the piece look slightly reminiscent of super heroes and sy-fy which I really didn't want and in doing so this has made the shoulders stronger and more supportive of the heavy front weight. I want to continue to reinforce the work tomorrow. 

Overall I was really pleased with my progress today because I felt that the piece really came together as a whole and I think that it looks effective and well made which makes it look impressive in my opinion and also helps to translate the context of the piece to the viewer.

mapping a template for the stand

Using the spot welder

Glueing the bases which where then nailed together also

Research Analysis

Research Analysis cont.

Tutorials/ Advice Analysis

Tutorial/ Advice Analysis cont.

To help to plan my essay, I used the highlighted key points from the work that I had done in my reflective review workshop, and then grouped them into categories in a way that would help me write the most important points I wanted to get across logically and in a flowing manner, so that the piece of written work would be effective and easy to read, as I struggle with written work generally. I then ordered these points into how I would structure the essay through grouping them and ordering them into relating topics. This essay plan should really help in the way that I write the essay because I will be able to refer to it during the writing and remember the key points I had highlighted throughout the project.


I planned out my A2 sheets ready for making them this week in the evenings. I have tried to think of a sustainable day plan in order to make the next week go as smoothly as possible, and part of this was to plan the sheets that I needed to do, so that I knew the work load I need to undertake for the week ahead. This should then mean that I will be able to finish all the work to the standard I want to by the deadline. 

I also spent today researching how armour is portrayed in editorial shoots as well as on the catwalk, to see what kind of atmosphere can be created through the colour schemes used and what looks effective. From my research, I think that a dark background and the model wearing dark clothing will be most effective because it seems much more sinister and sombre than a lighter background. My only concern with this is that the piece is itself quite dark, and therefore I worry that the detail wouldn't be visible in the photography, however, I am going to seek advice for this. 

In the workshop

19/04/17 Evaluative essay annotations

19/04/17 Evaluative Essay Draft 2

Evaluation final draft


I spent today finishing off my A2 portfolio sheets. I have tried to think about all the constructive criticism and advice that I have received from the entirety of the course, and to use this to make this set of sheets the best that they can be. I tried to continue a colour scheme through the whole series, as well as make them much more simple than I am inclined to naturally as this was what I was told would make them more successful previously in the course. I hope that they are explanatory of the research that I have done throughout the project and how this has informed my design process and inspired the final piece. I have also had a think about what I need to do to conclude the project and what needs to be done in the two days that I have before my final hand in. I will finish off editing and checking my evaluation tomorrow and prepare for setting up the exhibition. 


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